Why Modern?

Trusted by Major Brands

The biggest names in the world have trusted our team with their business, their brands, and their reputations.


We’re strategic counselors who always look out for your best interest. We think beyond the box, while always maintaining a keen eye on the details.

High Profile

We're counted on to skillfully manage high-profile events, launches, issues, and people — multimillion-dollar political campaigns, publicly-traded companies, high-profile celebrities (Barack Obama, Keanu Reeves, Kobe Bryant, and more) and navigating crisis PR (NBA lockout). 

Boost Your Bottom Line

Our integrated programs deliver results that build your business and boost your bottom line.

Creative/ Innovative

Creative, innovative, and relevant communications campaigns that meet and exceed your goals.


As former journalists, we've been on the receiving end of PR pitches. We have unparalleled insight into what it takes to turn a pitch into a published feature or positive product review.

What We Do: Snapshot

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is quickly becoming one of the fastest and cost-effective ways to reach your audience where they live and breathe — online AND on their phones! As more consumers turn to social media first for news, information, product reviews, and purchasing advice, Modern is poised to deliver proven ROI for your social ad spend. From messaging and creative, to placement and monitoring, we’ll make sure your communication.

Media Relations

If you're looking to make your mark with media — turn to Modern. Whether it’s Associated Press and CNBC, People Magazine and Us Weekly, a cover placement in a trade publication, niche outlets like action sports — even a local market morning show — our clients make headlines. We have unparalleled relationships with media across the country. Plus, we have a team of media relations experts in major cities, from Southern California to Seattle and New York.

Event Production and Promotion

From film festivals and televised sporting events, to product launches, pop-up lounges, and trade shows — our team knows how to take the worry out of your hands and execute a flawless event from beginning to end. We come armed with the experience to plan and implement your event on every level -- from street team promotions to securing media partners.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most effective way to deliver your brand direct to your target audiences. As early adopters of social marketing, we have a proven track record of leveraging social to drive awareness, increase sales and convert loyal fans.

Influencer Marketing

We tap our proven network of online influencers to create brand and product awareness with authentic social content that resonates with their audiences.

Public Affairs and Community Relations

Modern's team members have provided public affairs and crisis support for some of the most significant transportation, government, and community issues via award-winning communication programs, grassroots support, building advisory committees and coalitions, developing relationships with community leaders, executing neighborhood-level initiatives.



  • We don’t do cookie cutter. We believe in a flexible scope of work that’s designed around what you need to help your business grow.
  • We use a 360 perspective. Our work across media, marketing, influencer, social media & events enables us to foresee all the ways your brand can be elevated to your target audiences.
  • We’re team players. We operate as an extension of your team and treat your business like it’s our own.
  • We’re scrappy. We’re focused. We’re relentless. We respect your budget and will help you get every ounce of ROI out of it.
  • We measure everything. We’re creative types who also roll up our sleeves and dig into analytics.


Jennifer is a forward-thinking brand strategist. An early adopter of social media, she pairs 20 years of PR and marketing experience with a passion for consumer digital marketing.

Her forte is developing and executing multi-faceted campaigns — tapping the best mix of media, marketing, social, digital, and influencer strategies — with a keen eye on maintaining brand continuity across the board. 

Her programs motivate behaviors, build loyal fans, and move the needle on results.

She leads a team of senior strategists, all seasoned in consumer marketing.
No bait & switch, no hand-offs to junior staff, no learning curve.